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Finding The Right Solution
Finding The Right Solution - There are many options available to home owners who are in a financial hardship. This detailed report discusses the positives and negatives of many of them including bankruptcy, foreclosure, loan modifications, short sales, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, forbearances and repayment plans.

How To Do A Short Sale
A short sale can be a difficult and time consuming process. This report discusses how a typical short sale process works and explains some common stumbling blocks and how to avoid them.

How To Write A Hardship Letter
A hardship letter is perhaps the most important piece of documentation that is included in a short sale package. This report gives instructions on how to write a convincing hardship letter that will explain your situation in detail and encourage your lender to accept your short sale.

Loan Modification Kit
For many borrowers who could afford their home if the payment were lower, a loan modification may be a good alternative. This free report describes the different types of loan modifications commonly offered to borrowers and how to qualify for them.

Short Sale VS Foreclosure
A foreclosure is the inevitable outcome to a delinquent borrower if action is not taken. This report compares the effects of a short sale and the effects of a foreclosure in such things as current and future employment, credit reporting, and the ability to purchase a home in the future.